View of Taal Volcano

Unbeknownst to many, what we now call Taal Lake is actually the caldera of a massive ancient volcano. But don’t panic, only the tiny island in the middle of the lake remains active. But this geological history explains a lot about Tagaytay especially its location, geography, and topography.

Tagaytay is perched on the edge of this caldera, giving it the front seat when it comes to Taal Volcano vistas. And what a difference a view makes! For many years, this priceless view has provided an aesthetic advantage for commercial establishments like restaurants and hotels in Tagaytay and considerably helped propel the city’s economy.

The team had been to some accommodations and restaurants affording the guests with a view of the lake and the volcano such as:
Balay Dako
Concha’s Garden Café
Bag of Beans Charito
Starbucks – Domicillo Design Hotel
Ridge Park Kainan sa Kubo
Josephine Restaurant
Sky Ranch
some local roadside Bulalohan restaurants
If you are staying in Tagaytay for a night and want easy visual access to this stunning natural backdrop throughout your stay, here are some of the hotels with a great view.
Escala Tagaytay
Domicillo Design Hotel
Taal Vista Hotel
Qi Wellness Living
The Lake Hotel Tagaytay