Rental Requirements​

Rental Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes You will have a Valid and current copy of the OR/CR. You will be emailed an electronic Rental Contract. If you need a paper copy, one can be provided.

Yes, There is a mileage limit of 350KM per day. There is a option to select unlimited mileage for an additional charge.

Yes, There is a security deposit, it is refundable once you return the motor as long as there is no damage.

Yes, There is free insurance through Insure Shop (Pioneer). If you use the insurance there is a 2000 deductible before approved payouts.

Yes, We can pick up and deliver the bike to your location. There is an additional charge of 250 ₱ if with in 5KM of your location and 500 ₱ + outside our delivery radius. 

There are many ways to contact us below is our contact information:

Phone Number: 09399141434


EMAIL: [email protected]

Yes, Please inform Renta Motor rental staff that he/she would like to extend the rental days.